CIO of the Year Accolade Underscores Experian’s Commitment to Technology & Innovation

December 10, 2019 by Michael Troncale

Technology revolutionizes the way businesses operate, but implementing change within a company is often challenging and company-wide support is vital to successfully undergoing a transformation. At Experian, we’re using technology and innovation to modernize an industry, and satisfy the real-time data demands of consumers and businesses.  The success of this transformation is one of the reasons why we’re proud that our Global CIO, Barry Libenson, has been named the CIO of the Year.

The 2019 Dive Awards recognize the industry’s top disruptors and innovators. These executives, companies, trends, and breakthroughs are transforming the industry. Winners were chosen by the editors of CIO Dive based on thorough and independent research, reporting, and analysis. Other award winners include Google Cloud and VMware.

In 2015, Experian began the daunting task of moving from a traditional computing architecture to the cloud. Specifically, we put in motion a cloud strategy centered on flexibility and the ability to operate in any cloud. Such transformations often start by centralizing data and implementing new processes that minimize overhead and speed time to market, like cloud and mobile computing. This is a monumental job with our massive digital infrastructure and significant global reach, but it enables us to provide customers with real-time access to data.

To do this we pioneered the use of Hadoop to store massive quantities of data for consumer credit scoring. Today, we maintain Ascend, a platform of 250 million redacted consumer records that enables our clients do real time queries on consumer credit data rather than batch processing. This has worked to digitally transform Experian from a traditional credit bureau to a technology and software provider.

For us to further evolve we began working on APIs for internal use rather than going straight to customer-facing features. Today, we use APIs to help our clients and consumers access and make use of key data insights. For example, Experian Boost, which has helped millions of people raise their credit scores, is a result of information being accessed through API calls.

As a result of our digital transformation, our API hub is processing more than 100 million transactions a month and Ascend is now one of our most successful cloud computing architectures. This all represents business opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible with a traditional digital infrastructure.

Success for the technology team at Experian is found in the financial performance of the company.  “What I tell my team is the biggest sign of us being successful is praise,” said Libenson. “When the businesses at Experian tell us we’re helping them or we’re doing the right things, that’s the best measurement I can think of, in terms of success.”

As one of the world’s most innovative companies, Experian’s business continues to evolve to deliver faster, better services for our clients and consumers. “The people and organizations that win the Dive Awards are trailblazers and leaders in their markets,” said Davide Savenije, editor-in-chief of CIO Dive’s publisher Industry Dive. “Their achievements in 2019 are shaping the future of where the latest strategies and trends are going.”

While industry accolades like CIO of the Year are important, the truth is that any transformation isn’t an endpoint, but a journey. To succeed, we are in it for the long haul to use technology to help deliver results for our clients.

Read the full article on CIODive to learn more about Experian’s digital transformation.

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