Creating a single view of the customer, the first step of your Customer-Centric Transformation

Digital transformation is dramatically changing the way consumers and businesses interact. E-commerce and social media are setting the standards for digital experiences. The advance of fintech is driving competition. All while fraud reaches an all-time high, prompting an ever-stringent regulatory framework.

This confluence of emerging technologies and intense competition adds even more pressure to grow business faster.

In such a scenario, growth is fueled by acquiring more customers – those with whom you can build lasting, valuable relationships over time. However, traditional approaches for customer acquisition no longer suffice. As a business leader, how do you tackle these challenges? What can you do to attract and acquire new customers?

To help answer these questions, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey over 900 key decision makers across industries. What we found is that getting actionable insights from complex data sources to make consistent, precise decisions is still a major challenge. The majority of executives also indicated that not having a single customer view had a direct impact on profitability. They struggle to make accurate decisions that are both meaningful for consumers and profitable for business. To overcome these challenges and realize their strategic priorities, businesses of all sizes are increasing their investment in advanced analytics and decision services.

We understand that the current market environment can be daunting. But with challenges come new opportunities. We can help you modernise your digital decisioning approach to enable precise and profitable lending decisions across the life cycle. Using a unique blend of best in class data, advanced analytics and digital decision strategies you will know your customer better. As a result, you can, deliver the experiences they demand and make lending decisions with less risk.

Download  the executive summary of our Global Decisioning Report 2018 and discover how businesses of all sizes are leveraging data, advanced analytics and digital decisioning to better serve customers and future-proof growth.