Hear what the American Business Awards are Saying about CrossCore

We developed CrossCore to make the industry’s fraud and identity solutions work better for everyone.

We wanted to help organizations prevent more fraud while making it easier for their good customers to do business with them and nearly a year after the launch we’re proud of the reception we’ve had from clients, partners and the industry.

Our latest honor is a bronze and gold medal from the American Business Awards for Identity and Access Security Solution Product of the Year and Product Management Department/Team of the Year.

“We developed CrossCore to help our clients get the strength they want with the flexibility they need for more effective fraud management,” said Kathleen Peters, Global Vice President, Product Management, Fraud and Identity at Experian. “These latest Stevie Awards validate the feedback we’ve received from the market, and more importantly, from our clients.”

CrossCore helps organizations with the ever-changing, complex and challenging world of fraud prevention. Businesses readily add solutions from us, other providers, and even their own solutions, to connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems.

To make this possible for our clients, our teams worked around the clock in offices all around the world. They brought experiences and perspectives together to build and test code in packages that could be installed anywhere and everywhere.

Using this “immutable infrastructure” approach, the team built, configured, connected, tested and monitored over 20 different systems to ensure everything was working. And they did it in less than nine months.

The Stevie Award judges recognize the efforts of this team and the power of CrossCore. Here are just some of the positive comments we received:

  • “The deployment of a global project such as CrossCore in only 9 months is remarkable, especially with 20 different systems being interconnected to deliver the service. Lots of hard work from the team, congrats!”
  • “Seems like the strongest and the best solution in fraud prevention. Experian is already the industry leader in its respective industry, however CrossCore seems to be a great service, with a beautiful and intuitive UI.”
  • “A good write up on what appears to be a useful platform. This is a great accomplishment and the nomination sounds like a talented team of product developers and software engineers.”
  • “Congratulations on delivering an ambitious product in a relatively short timeframe!”

We’re excited about how CrossCore could fit into your fraud strategy and would love to talk to you about it. Learn more ways CrossCore can help your business prevent fraud.