Protecting Consumers from Identity Theft & Fraud with Credit Monitoring App #ExperianStories

Published: January 22, 2017 by Editor

I lead Experian’s EMEA Procurement team, where I work with Experian’s offices around the world when they begin implementing new projects or product ideas.

I was recently asked to work alongside Experian’s Consumer Business in the United Kingdom as they prepared to launch Experian’s CreditExpert companion app.

They wanted to enable consumers to access their credit reports on a mobile device, while also being able to access personalized tips on how to improve credit scores. The part of this project that I found most critical, however, was the app’s built-in web monitoring tool that proactively protects consumers’ online identities from fraud.

Protection of personal data is a hot topic in the big data industry. As my team and I worked through the challenges associated with protecting our customers from identity theft and fraud, we brought in experts from other Experian functions — like our security team — to assess the tools we were using and help us put proper measures and protocols in place that would enable us to protect consumers using the app.

With the launch of this new app, we can catch cases of fraud the moment they occur. So, if someone steals an individual’s information to take out a loan or a mortgage in their name, we send out an alert right away to the affected individual, encouraging them to log on to the application to review their account activities.

If fraud has occurred, the app takes the hassle out of the equation for consumers. Our team will investigate the incident on their behalf.

I am proud to work for a company that continuously develops new products and services to help consumers better understand their credit and to keep their financial futures and identities safe.

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