Experian Data Breach Resolution Debuts Its Third Annual Data Breach Industry Forecast

December 9, 2015 by Sandra Bernardo

As data breaches become more prevalent, companies must try to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to respond to any kind of security incident. In an effort to provide a glimpse into what 2016 could bring, Experian Data Breach Resolution released its third annual Data Breach Industry Forecast white paper.

After having conversations with leading industry experts and handling more than 3,000 data breaches in just this year, Experian Data Breach Resolution was able to harness this information and create five key predictions outlined in the white paper.

Some issues still will remain relevant in 2016, but there are a few emerging areas that will get on the radar. What can organizations expect in 2016? Global cyber conflicts, the rise of hacktivism, and disruptions during the presidential campaign are just few of the topics addressed in the paper.

We hope this information helps businesses with their data breach preparedness and incident response. As we have seen, no data breach is the same. And no one is immune. Executives from across an organization’s spectrum from IT to HR and industries ranging from retail to healthcare should keep abreast of the data breach landscape and how evolving threats will affect their company.

To read all five predictions, download the complimentary white paper at http://bit.ly/1l05dq8.  Hear from industry experts on what they foresee in 2016 in our Talking Data Breach video series: http://bit.ly/1N6iELD.

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