Experian’s partnership with Ubuntu Education highlights commitment to social responsibility

At Experian, we have a firm commitment to social responsibility. We show that commitment through a broad range of efforts that help communities realize their social and economic potential by investing in community and education programs that foster the financial health of individuals and small businesses across the globe.

As part of this commitment, Experian has more than 100 employees who are certified as Experian Education Ambassadors. These ambassadors educate consumers throughout the United States about credit reporting, credit scoring, fraud and identity theft and other issues in which Experian has expertise. Presentations take place at youth organizations, schools, colleges and universities, faith-based organizations – anywhere people gather and request information about these important subjects.

Experian Education Ambassadors volunteer their time, often nights and weekends to support programs and events in the communities where they live and work. They do this because of the personal gratification they receive from helping others. They do it because they work for Experian, and people expect us to be able to answer their questions about credit reports and credit scores.

Experian is also awarding thousands of dollars in financial literacy grants to non-profit organizations serving in need consumer groups including youth, minority groups, first time home buyers, military, and small business entrepreneurs become more financially literate and capable throughout their lives.

Investment in Early Education
And recently, Experian partnered with Ubuntu Education Fund (Ubuntu) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, adding a new dimension of our culture of Corporate Social Responsibility at Experian.

This partnership with Ubuntu included a donation of $15,000 to provide school supplies and educational development to children in the Port Elizabeth area, and parallels a nationwide school supplies donation drive across Experian’s North America region. Donations will go to local charity partners with the mission of improving education for underserved children.

We believe investment in early education and development of youth is essential in any country to help give young people a strong foundation to succeed in life, This partnership with Ubuntu Education Fund, which will use our financial contribution to help not only provide basic education supplies, but also holistically care for children to give them a better chance of success.

To learn more about our commitment to corporate responsibility go to: http://www.experianplc.com/corporate-responsibility.aspx