Vision 2014: The first 24 hours after a data breach

May 15, 2014 by Editor


The first 24 hours of a Data Breach Response are the most critical and we have the most important seven steps to insure that your organization does not go off track.

A data breach of personal identity information or protected healthcare information is a breach of trust.  Employees, patients, consumers or even partners are put at risk if their information is disclosed during a security incident.

In this session Experian’s data breach experts walked attendees through the first steps in the response process that will insure businesses do not run into trouble with the affected parties, the media and regulators.

We included specific examples of what to do and how to be successful in your response. We touched on the key things to avoid, tapping over 10 years of experience and nearly 13,000 incidents serviced. For more information, visit  www.experian.com/24hourchecklist.

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