Consumer trust isn’t just a philosophy, it’s our way of doing business

March 3, 2014 by Scott Anderson

Every organization that touches consumer data is responsible for creating and maintaining consumer trust writes Rick Erwin, President of Targeting at Experian Marketing Services, in a recent issue of Direct Marketing News.

Erwin, a direct marketing industry veteran and DMA board member, challenges the data industry at large to adopt strict guidelines and business principles that further consumer trust and effective data stewardship.

Most organizations within the data industry realize the need for greater consumer education around privacy, but how do we address that need and put it into practice? At Experian Marketing Services, for example, we are guided by balance, accuracy, security, integrity and communications, the five tenets of our Global Information Values.

These values aren’t visionary standards that we strive to meet; they dictate how we do business, daily. Data-driven marketing is an important sector of business and can add significant value to the end consumer. But, as Erwin emphasizes, building consumer trust for data-driven marketing requires that all companies within the data and ad tech ecosystem adopt and implement similar principles.

You can read more about the five Global Information Values and how they come to life at Experian Marketing Services in Erwin’s article, “We’re all links in the chain of customer trust.”