Meet 501r Requirements While Helping Your Patients

Published: May 24, 2016 by Experian Health

Did you know? In 2015, Experian Health helped nearly 700 provider clients screen over 51 million patients for financial assistance. That’s important for healthcare providers that are ramping up to meet 501r regulation requirements this year.

Experian Health’s Patient Financial Clearance automates the financial screening process prior to service or at the point of service, to determine if patients qualify for Medicaid, charity or any assistance program, while auto-enrolling eligible patients. This new solution can help you:

  • Meet 501r regulatory requirements
  • Increase staff productivity by expediting financial assistance decisions
  • Improve point-of-service collections
  • Reduce overall AR days

Patient Financial Clearance uses a proven combination of consumer data, patient-provided information and provider policies to automate the screening process and empower patient access staff to be more productive and effective.

Help your patients while protecting your bottom line. Contact us today at experianhealth@experian.com or 1 888 661 5657 to find out how Patient Financial Clearance can help you.

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