Insights in Action Podcast – The importance of partnerships and collaboration for business growth

Published: June 9, 2021 by Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Global Marketing Manager, Decision Analytics

In this episode of Insights in Action special podcast series “Women Making Waves in Tech”, I had the chance to talk to Marika Vilen, Global SVP of Partnerships and CrossCore Platform Commercialization for the Experian Identity & Fraud business, about the importance of collaboration to drive innovation forward and shares her learnings on how to be and remain truly connected to clients, colleagues, and partners in today’s digital-first world.

This 20-minute conversation offers some key learnings on the importance of collaboration for personal, professional, and business growth.

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Reflecting upon everything that has changed over the past year, Marika shared some of her key learnings from managing a growing partners ecosystem in a virtual, ever-changing environment. “We are experimenting this sort of continuum between our personal and professional lives. Somehow, it’s become easier to share who you really, as since we are all working from home, the barriers between professional and personal lives are down; mixing that persona that you’re at home versus the one you’re at work. And I think this is a positive development. Especially, I think it can be very positive for women.”

Innovation is often the byproduct of people collaborating and working together

Over the course of 20 minutes, the conversation moved from how innovation is cultivated in different ways, drawn from collaboration, driven by different people and by those people working together, to the advantages of partnerships to accelerate business growth and transformation.

“Working in a partner function within the organisation, you have a great opportunity to bring in an outside perspective at much quicker pace, because you’re introducing something that someone else has already done. You can bring along a smaller company, add their input to your product development and together create and provide something new, exciting for your customers.”

For Marika, it is key to realize that “the projects that you work on to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what you think is possible are often a byproduct of people working together.”

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