Insights in Action Podcast: Donna DePasquale on key tips to navigate a new era of credit risk decisioning

Published: July 9, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

Donna DePasquale, EVP and General Manager of Global Decisioning Software at Experian, talks to Experian’s Insights in Action Podcast about the different ways businesses of all sizes can navigate a new era of credit risk decisioning, always with a view to assisting consumers with their credit needs when they need it most.

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Based on the latest Global Decisioning Report, Donna discusses the four key areas of focus that have come out of the findings:

• The pandemic has not impacted everyone in the same way. 1 in 3 consumers say they are still concerned about their finances, while others are ready to start spending again.

• Accelerating the movement to online credit and banking. 50% of consumers said they applied for credit online, up from 33% at the start of the pandemic.

• The shift increased in investment businesses are making in advanced analytics.

• Importance of delivering fast, safe, efficient, and high-quality credit experiences.

How we define decisioning

“To make decisioning real, it’s really about the experience that someone goes through when they’re applying for credit. When they’re managing their existing accounts and maybe asking for a credit line increase. And it’s the whole experience from providing the information to getting that answer back and then getting that outcome back. From a consumer perspective we want that to be fast and easy and simple, and also from a lenders’ perspective you want a comprehensive set of information and rules that allow you to make the right decision for the business and for your consumers.” Donna DePasquale, EVP and General Manager of Global Decisioning Software

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