Insights in Action Podcast: Managing product innovation in uncertain times

Published: July 22, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

In this episode of Insights in Action, as part of our Women Making Waves in Technology special series, Pamela Stephens, Sr. Product Manager for Global Identity & Fraud at Experian walks us through her role in product management and shares some practical career advice for women in tech.

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The podcast explores what it takes to drive change and innovation within a shifting fraud and identity landscape, looking at the importance of connecting with teams, laser-focussed priorities, customer-centricity and how diversity and inclusion initiatives are central to supporting women in tech.

“I am a relentless customer advocate. I spend most of my days focussing on solving the most urgent problems for our clients across the Identity and Fraud landscape through our technology.”

Top 3 tips for remote working

  1. Being authentic is how we connect, so working remotely makes this challeneging. Schedule quick 15-minute catch-ups with colleagues – and not necessarily about work. The more you know someone, the better you work with them.
  2. Burnout is real, setting boundaries for work versus life is challenging when you’re in an office, never mind when at home. Schedule breaks and proritize self-care.
  3. Stay laser-focussed and organized with your calendar – be intentional with how you schedule your calendar and ensure it aligns with priorities most important for the business and you personally

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