Insights in Action Podcast: Identifying the core capabilities your business needs to get MLOps right

Published: December 15, 2020 by Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Global Marketing Manager, Decision Analytics

In this episode of Insights in Action, we talk about currently available technology used in machine learning, including APIs, SaaS and IaaS. Businesses of all sizes can leverage these methods to build the right cloud ecosystem and accelerate their AI operations.

Experian Global Decision Analytics experts Mark Spiteri, SVP of Software Engineering, and Srikanth Geedipalli, SVP of Analytics & AI Products, share practical advice to help businesses identify core capabilities needed to get MLOps right.

Get useful insights about:

  • Ways for businesses to leverage AI and machine learning to drive greater impact and ultimately improve the lives of consumers
  • How to use AI and advanced analytics to help manage your business in the current marketplace
  • Setting business goals and strategic plans to operationalize and deploy your machine learning models at scale
  • The 4Cs of a successful MLOps framework
  • Real-life examples of businesses set for success with MLOps

Listen now:

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