Visualizing the business impact of COVID-19 with Business Risk Simulator Tool

Published: April 20, 2020 by admin

For the past month, the Commercial Data Sciences team in Business Information Services has been taking precautions in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, working from home. In the span of the past five weeks, we have seen the spread of the disease ramp up, and the death toll climbs. The impact on businesses of all sizes will be immense. In just a few days we built a robust simulator tool that helps businesses assess the impact of COVID-19 as the disease spreads.

With this tool, you can:

  • Identify risk in geographies you do business in
  • Based on geography, review the top 5 riskiest industries for that region
  • Apply an impact scenario so you can plan for the best and worst-case scenarios

The U.S. business risk dashboard below was developed by Experian Business Information Services to help businesses better understand the impact COVID-19 may have on their commercial operation based on several key factors. This methodology combines business risk, anticipated impact on business industries and real-time COVID-19 case data to help businesses better simulate various impact scenarios down to the state level to help develop enterprise strategies. A paid version of the dashboard goes down to the county and industry level.

The risk index is used as a comparative benchmark across states, counties and industries. Industry classification is used to assess the business’s level of exposure due the nature of the business. For example, businesses in the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation industries will be more heavily impacted than businesses in Public Administration. The risk index represents the credit risk, industry risk, and COVID-19 risk on businesses across the U.S. The impact layer allows users to easily change the severity of the impact related to the combination with the credit risk, industry risk, and COVID-19 risk across regions and industries.

This dashboard is meant to be a directional tool for assessing which industries and geographies are most likely to be impacted and how severe the impact will be. The risk index is not designed to be interchangeable with a traditional credit risk score. The risk index is intended to be used independently to gain insights around the potential impact of the current events on future business credit health at summarized levels including region and industry. The risk index has four different assessment scenarios ranging from low to severe. If the expectation is that various industries are affected differently, but the impact overall is minimal, then the minimal scenario should be applied. Select the other scenarios to amplify the impact.

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