Small-business credit conditions improve across the board in Q2

August 8, 2017 by Gary Stockton

Experian and Moody’s Analytics have just released the Q2 2017 Main Street Report. Developed by Experian and Moody’s Analytics, the Experian/Moody’s Analytics Main Street Report brings deep insight into the overall financial well-being of the small-business landscape, as well as providing commentary around what certain trends mean for credit grantors and the small-business community.

Q2 highlights

Small-business delinquency rates experienced broad-based improvement in the second quarter. With job growth expected to continue, putting more money in consumers’ pockets, small businesses will continue to outperform in the short term. As performance on small-business loans and lines of credit improves, credit is expected to flow more freely as banks and other lenders compete for business. Although tax reform and infrastructure investment could provide an additional boost to small-business activity, consumer spending will be the driving force for small-business credit over the next quarter — and throughout the rest of the year.

Business delinquencies push lower

Small-business delinquencies continued to trend downward in the second quarter. Both early- and late-stage delinquency rates saw improvement over the quarter. This trend has been firmly in place over the last two years and was expected given the continued slow but steady growth in the economy.

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