Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers

Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers

One of the few things that marketers can be fairly certain of when it comes to the mobile marketplace is that it is emerging at an incredible, exponential rate of growth. In fact, mobile data traffic in 2010 was three times the data traffic volume of the entire Internet in 2000. The projection that mobile advertising sales for 2011 are expected to double to 1.2 billion dollars coupled with the knowledge that the top 1% of mobile device users generate 20% of mobile traffic means that content publishers and advertisers cannot afford to ignore the mobile market any longer, nor fail to deploy rigorous consumer targeting mechanisms to the mobile environment.

This White Paper, “Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers,” describes some of the learnings acquired from an extensive mobile measurement pilot study recently completed by Experian Simmons that successfully linked extensive smartphone behaviors with detailed insights on consumer brand preferences, multi-platform media consumption, demographics and attitudes. Employing a passive mobile metering technology, Experian Simmons measured key mobile phone behaviors from a subset of respondents to its flagship National Consumer Study (NCS). The pilot test was designed to combine rich mobile phone data, such as application use, website visitation, text messaging, geographic location and more, collected from a passive mobile monitoring device with the large-scale inventory of variables available in the NCS.

Among the findings from the pilot test, Experian Simmons found:

  • The top types of mobile applications by reach are: voice, messaging, web browser, email, and social networking
  • Social networking applications were launched on average almost 18 times per day and used an average of 33.6 minutes per day
  • Use of news and information mobile applications spike between 6:00 and 7:00 A.M.
  • The average mobile web browser session of a heavy magazine user lasts twice as long as that of a light magazine user


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