2011 social media consumer trend report

In the early 20th century when Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy first set forth the concept that any two individuals on Earth could be connected through at most five acquaintances, there were a mere 1.5 billion people walking the planet. Despite the fact that there are over 6 billion terrestrial inhabitants today, the idea seems no less plausible. If anything, with the advent of social media and our increasingly digital connectedness, the number of introductions required to link any two souls may now be even fewer than in Karinthy’s days.

But social media is doing so much more than connecting individuals; it also provides consumers with personalized way to connect to companies, brands and media and vice versa, making it an undeniable, if often complex, marketing tool. This report provides readers with a benchmark of the current state of social media and identifies trends and opportunities that will help forward-thinking marketers navigate this still new and growing space in order to make better business decisions.

    In this report, we will:
  • Chart the growth of social media usage by age
  • Trend time spent on and frequency of visits to top social media sites
  • Identify those people with whom we communicate via our social networks
  • Explore methods to increase traffic to your branded site through social media
  • Benchmark receptivity to following brands and receptivity to recommendations
  • Examine sites visited downstream from social media properties
  • Discover the nation’s social media capitals
  • Share details on the merger of social and mobile

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