Download the 2010 Latino Cultural Identity Consumer Report

Forward thinking marketers know the importance of connecting with Hispanic consumers. But understanding the complex and multidimensional Hispanic population requires expertise.

That’s why Experian Simmons and the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA), both recognized experts in measuring the Hispanic consumer marketplace, developed the Simmons Latino Cultural Identity Study, a powerful tool that delivers the mindset of the Hispanic consumer.

The 2010 Latino Cultural Identity Consumer Report leverages the latest Simmons Latino Cultural Identity Study to identify attitudes and beliefs that are commonly shared across the Hispanic population regardless of language preference, heritage or country of birth.

Download this report to learn more about this key consumer segment.

Key report insights include:

  • U.S. Hispanics are less likely than non-Hispanics to challenge their parents or elder family members by expressing disagreement
  • U.S. Hispanics have a strong faith and believe God plays an influential role in their lives
  • Hispanic Americans of Mexican heritage are most likely to believe that “machisomo” is a thing of the past
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