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The Latino Influence Project Report

The Latino Influence ProjectThe rapid growth of the Hispanic population has made conversations about Latino assimilation and acculturation ubiquitous. However, close observers have started to notice that it's not just Latinos who are being influenced by the U.S. culture around them, but that Latinos are actually influencing mainstream culture. Leveraging data from the trusted Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study, Experian Marketing Services and ad agency Wing partnered to quantify the extent to which Latinos are influencing the non-Latinos around them. The findings show that Latino influence extends far beyond anecdotes involving tortillas and jalapeños.

For example, in contrast to non-Hispanics who live in areas with a low density of Hispanics, non-Hispanics living among Hispanics…

  • Are 3 times as likely to be interested in other cultures and love the idea of traveling abroad
  • Are twice as likely to use their cell phones and the Internet for information and entertainment
  • Are twice as likely to look for organic and natural food when shopping for food
  • Are twice as likely to buy recycled products
  • Are twice as likely to use homeopathic medicine and prefer alternative medicine to standard medical practices

Findings in the report, like these, should encourage marketers to consider how the influence of the Hispanic population can be leveraged in marketing and communication plans, such as: considering how to leverage Hispanic insights in general market communications; taking advantage of Hispanic “influencers” as brand ambassadors; and focusing on Hispanic markets as hotbeds for cultural activity and interaction.

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