The Mom Report: Delivering intelligent interactions with today’s moms

The Mom's report from Experian Marketing Services One of the greatest gifts and responsibilities that parents have is the ability to impart their values and the way they view the world on their children. Through our analysis of thousands of mothers currently raising children, Experian Marketing Services uncovered five distinct segments of moms based not on their demographics or life stage, but on how they think and feel.

Understanding the attitudes and behaviors of these five types of moms will help marketers more effectively target their best consumers and craft messaging and offers that are sure to resonate.

First presented by Bill Tancer at M2Moms® -- The Marketing to Moms Conference, this report provides a look into the attitudes, behaviors, motivations and media and consumer preferences of five distinct types of moms today:

  • Striving Moms
  • Conventional Moms
  • Alpha Moms
  • Modest Moms
  • Maverick Moms
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