Social Intelligence Platform

Harnessing Social Media for Accelerated Multi-Channel Performance

Social media is top of mind for many marketers, but connecting customer and prospect behavior in the social space to other marketing activities can be a challenge.

Experian’s straight forward step-by-step approach links customers’ social attributes with their purchase information and Experian’s consumer assets to arm marketers with actionable social insight to add power to communications across all channels.

  • Understand the social media behaviors of customers and prospects
  • Elevate the performance of current programs by incorporating social media insights, data and analytics
  • Extend marketing programs into the social media channel

Experian Marketing Services harvests Social Data through our Social Data Linkage and complementary Social Analytic Engine offerings.

  • Social Data Linkage is a service in which individual-level public Facebook behavioral data is obtained via list-based email address matching.
  • The Social Analytics Engine is a real-time data collection service in which individual-level private opt-in Facebook behavioral data is gathered from Facebook as consumers provide permission via the Facebook Open Graph Protocol.

Social data includes name, address, gender, fan pages, including possible competitors, birthday, relationship status, posts, posting date (s) enabling the creation a social engagement scores as well as other  powerful and useful attributes for incorporation across marketing channels.

Through the  secure, privacy compliant, cross-channel linkage of the Social Intelligence Platform, the Social Data collected is combined with customer attributes and Experian data assets and analytic expertise to power:

  • Multi-dimensional Social Profiling—profile analysis combining customer, Experian consumer and Social attributes to create a 360-degree persona actionable across channels
  • Custom Predictive Models—incorporation of social attributes into existing or new performance driven models to enhance results for product affinity, direct mail response, e-mail segmentation etc.
  • Social Media–Enabled Contact Strategy—enhanced segmentation, test plan and audience creation for improved channel marketing effectiveness, using social insights.

…as well as other insight and program engagements


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