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SimmonsSM OneViewSM FAQ

Marketing and media professionals are under increasing budget, resource and time constraints. These challenges demand access to the freshest consumer insight and relevant business applications in a unified environment where critical marketing questions can be answered…fast. SimmonsSM OneViewSM is the next generation delivery system from Experian Simmons that combines the entire Simmons product suite with powerful analytic tools and reports in a single web-based platform to provide marketers with a single, complete view of American consumers.

What is Simmons OneView?

Simmons OneView is the new Web-based platform that will serve as the primary delivery system for the entire Experian Simmons product suite. Simmons OneView combines the trusted syndicated and custom research from Experian Simmons with powerful analytic tools and reports in a unified tool to provide marketers with a single and complete view of American consumers. Simmons OneView makes high-quality consumer insight more accessible and actionable for everyone in your organization.

What can I do with Simmons OneView?

With Simmons OneView, you have the ability to profile consumers, plan marketing strategy and measure the results of marketing activities. Powerful crosstab capabilities are combined with advanced analytics, geographic analysis, instant profile reports, data-mining and automated alerts to enable you to work more efficiently.

  • Instant profile reports and data-mining find the story for you
  • Dashboards and automated alerts keep you updated on market changes
  • Share consumer profiles with colleagues to save time and effort
  • Role-based access for the needs of the savviest analyst or even the on-the-go executive
Do I need to install software or data disks?

No. Simmons OneView delivers all of the syndicated and custom research that your organization licenses from Experian Simmons through a web-based interface ensuring that you always have access to the freshest data available. All you need are your login credentials and a compatible web browser. Updates to licensed studies as well as new reporting applications are automatically posted to your Simmons OneView account.

How is Simmons OneView different from Choices3?

Simmons OneView will replace Choices3 as your organization's primary platform for accessing Simmons data while providing you with advanced analytic and reporting tools not offered through Choices3. Simmons OneView enables you to quickly and seamlessly move through the various Experian Simmons studies licensed by your organization, provide new tools to help make your job easier and provide features that deliver insight, not merely data.

Can I still use the Choices3 software?

Simmons OneView will ultimately replace the Choices3 software for accessing Experian Simmons data. Once transitioned to Simmons OneView, your organization will no longer have access to Simmons data via Choices3.

What if I use other methods to access Simmons data?

Experian Simmons recognizes the various needs of our clients regarding access to research data. While Simmons OneView will offer additional analytic capabilities and access to insight not offered by third-party research data aggregators, you will be able to continue receiving Experian Simmons data through third-party providers and specialized format delivery, with the exception of Choices3, if you choose.

Will I still have access to historical data?

Yes. Up to five years of historical studies will be available through Simmons OneView. Please consult your Experian Simmons Account Executive or Client Service Manager to review a list of historical studies you are licensed to access.

When will I get access to Simmons OneView?

Simmons OneView will officially go live on February 1, 2011. In order to provide all of our valued clients with the necessary level of personal training on the new platform, access will be rolled out in phases. The period of transitioning clients from Choices3 to Simmons OneView will span several months. Your Experian Simmons Client Service Account Manager will work closely with your organization to develop a detailed transition schedule. It is important to note that the precise timing of your transition to Simmons OneView will be based on factors such as your organization's specific license agreement, location and access to advanced functions.

What can I do to prepare for the transition?

Simply ensure that your organization's computers meet the minimum Internet settings and Web browser requirements. Specifically, you must have Adobe® Flash® version 10 or later installed on all machines that need Simmons OneView access. Recommended browsers are:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 8.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox® version 3.5 or later
How will I be trained?

During your transition, your Experian Simmons Client Service Account Manager will provide detailed training on Simmons OneView. Training will include a review of the user guide and resources section of Simmons OneView. Recorded demonstrations of Simmons OneView applications will also be available for review online. Your Client Service Account Manager will provide details on how to access these demonstrations and when they will be made available.

Will using Simmons OneView cost me anything?

Simmons OneView is designed to provide all of our clients with the most vivid and complete consumer insights available from Experian Simmons. As such, Simmons OneView will grant access to data and applications based on your Experian Simmons license. Please consult your Experian Simmons Account Executive with any questions regarding your license terms.

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