Facebook Audience Targeting - the Experian difference

What are Custom Audiences?

Custom Audiences allow advertisers to target Facebook ads to specific individuals, using first party CRM data. This approach is ideal for amplifying the reach of a client’s overall digital spend across all channels & enables more granular Facebook targeting to improve ROI.

Simply enable your account within the Alchemy Social Platform & upload a hashed file of your first party data (email database, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs), thus ensuring that no "personally identifiable information" (PII) about the individual is shared. 

How can Experian Marketing provide an edge over the competition?
  • Extract maximum value from a partnership with us by accessing Experian Mosaic audience profiles across Facebook.
  • Engage with our team of social media experts who will build look-alike audiences based on proprietary Experian data.
  • Knowing who your customers are is just the beginning; we are able to go a step further to build a comprehensive & connected view of your best customers. First, enhance a customer profile with rich lifestyle and demographic data, then engage that user with ads that are not just relevant & timely to their needs and interests, but also served via a marketing channel that they prefer.

We are uniquely placed to help our clients create a long term dialogue with their customers, which is mutually beneficial and profitable.

What can be done with Facebook Custom Audience targeting?
  • The possibilities are endless for this new functionality, here are just some ideas:
  • Launch a compelling campaign aimed at current customers to drive fan acquisition and create a pool of loyal brand ambassadors.  (You can exclude current fans from your Custom Audience after the file is loaded).
  • Extend the reach of every email, or other digital campaign by targeting current email subscribers with Facebook advertising.
  • Increase the overall ROI of your digital marketing by ensuring you communicate with the customer through their preferred channel– if a client does not respond to your email, target them with a Facebook ad to drive conversions.
  • Create a campaign that is directed at an email audience that has become inactive– there is now an opportunity to re-engage  these users online and utilise as a CRM tool
  • Close the knowledge gap on specific customers where you have a phone number but no email address, for instance – target this segment with specific messages designed to engage & drive them to a landing page where they can opt-in to receiving email communications.
  • Continue to use traditional Facebook advertising to reach to fans, friends of fans and prospects who meet certain targeting criteria.
What is The Facebook Exchange?

The Facebook Exchange allows advertisers to re-target Facebook ads to website visitors who have or have not completed the desired action. These highly targeted and timely campaigns yield excellent results.

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