Receiving an email from CheetahMail

CheetahMail is what is known as an email service provider (ESP). We host, manage, and send email messages on behalf of our diverse range of corporate clients.

As reputable emailers, our clients strive to ensure that recipients feel confident that the email messages in their inboxes were genuinely sent on the clients’ behalves. In a world full of spam and fraudulent emails, we would like to help clarify for you what our role as an ESP is for our clients.

When CheetahMail sends a message on behalf of a client, the ‘from’ address that you see (or located within the ‘header’ of the email message) may include a reference within the domain name to CheetahMail as the ESP. This will come in one of two forms:

  • A portion of CheetahMail’s domain may appear in the ‘from’ address, such as:
    • Note that CheetahMail owns many domains that we use for email delivery, including the ‘’ listed above.
  • A client may allocate a portion of their domain for our use, or an entire domain such as:
    • Note that the ‘an’ in front of the domain name indicates the client has allocated to us a portion of their domain, known as a ‘subdomain’ that we may use to send email on their behalf.
    • Or Some clients prefer to create an entirely new domain related to their brand for email purposes that CheetahMail administers on their behalf.

In each of these cases, each email sent is associated with an Internet Protocol (IP) address (example: 123.45.678.90) that identifies the actual computer that is sending the message and is visible within the technical header portion of the email message. The computers associated with any email address we send belong to CheetahMail and can be traced back to us as the designated sender. If you would like to trace any domain name or IP address of an email sender, refer to this section of the Network Solutions’ website.

To learn more about fighting spam and authenticating email, please refer to these educational resources:

If you believe you have received an unsolicited commercial email from CheetahMail on behalf of any of our clients or using any part of our domain name, please send an email (preferably with the reported email violation included or attached with the ‘full sender header’) to

Please direct any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy or practices to us at:

Experian CheetahMail
Attention: Privacy
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New York, NY 10006
Phone: 212 809-0825
Fax: 212 809-6378

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