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Adding Facebook to your marketing efforts through Experian Marketing Services’ OmniActivation not only lets you access incredible reach, but can let you extend the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Custom Audiences managed by Experian Marketing Services – Do more with your 1st-party data
Partner Categories – Find new customers based on off-Facebook behavior

Facebook delivers targeted reach at scale

With more than 189 million monthly users in the US alone[1], Facebook offers marketers a powerful combination of incredible reach and precise targeting. Adding Facebook to any of your current marketing efforts can help take those campaigns even further, on desktop and on mobile.

Custom Audiences managed by Experian Marketing Services

Do more with the people you know.

Custom Audiences managed by Experian helps you reach the people in your email list, CRM database, and direct mail list on Facebook. So you can extend the performance and reach of your online and offline campaigns by delivering your messages to audiences in more places.

How Facebook can boost every type of campaign:

  • Email Campaigns: Increase reach by up to 77% and conversions by 22%[2]
  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Get 100x the reach for every dollar spent[3]
  • Digital Marketing: Open up Facebook as a new channel for reaching current customers

Custom Audiences managed by your Experian Marketing Services is only the first step. You can also use lookalike audiences on Facebook to find more people who are just like your best customers, to help provide more focused prospecting and acquisition, or further refine your targeting with Facebook Audience Insights.

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Partner Categories

Find new people based on off-Facebook behavior

Partner Categories help you find new people on Facebook based on offline actions, using criteria such as behaviors, purchase intent, life stage and others to put your message in front of potential customers at exactly the right time. Choose a category you’re targeting in other marketing channels, or test a new one to expand reach even further.

Supplement your Facebook targeting

One of the key advantages to advertising on Facebook is your ability to target specific groups of people in a place they go to discover and share what they love. But sometimes you want to target an audience based on specialized criteria. Partner Categories allow you to tailor your targeting to audiences that are unique to your  business based on offline data.

This can help you:

  • Expand audiences using highly relevant offline signals
  • Reach new audiences based on unique criteria
  • Reach people at key moments and life stages

Business objectives that Partner Categories can help with include:

  • In-store sales
  • Purchase consideration
  • Brand awareness


Some example Partner Categories from Experian Marketing Services can include:

  • Mosaic® USA
  • Household Income
  • Financial Behaviors
  • Buyer Behaviors
  • Retail Purchase Predictors
  • Activities and Entertainment
  • Automotive Purchase Predictor
  • Homeownership and Length of Residence

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[1] Facebook Data, March 2015

[2] Source: Results based on a retailer’s study conducted over two weeks in April 2014, targeting 925,000 US email subscribers using Facebook Custom Audiences. Facebook Offline Conversion Measurement matched and correlated ad impressions to email engagement and transactions. Findings are observational. Based on study when reached by Facebook and email vs email alone

[3] DMA Statistical Factbook, 2013; Spruce Media study on average CPM by placement, published Q3 2013 (clarify which stat)

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