Mobile marketing best practices guide

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a set of strategies used to promote products and services to communicate with clients via mobile devices. Mobile marketing is an integral part of the customer experience.

As marketers apply a more customer-centric, cross-channel approach to their marketing efforts, mobile has become one the most critical channels and tools for marketers to effectively acquire, engage and convert customers.

Mobile marketing best practices

  • Develop a mobile list acquisition program to acquire mobile subscribers
  • Encourage the mobile program sign-up by promoting subscription across channels
  • Interact with mobile subscribers with relevant and useful content
  • Measure mobile campaign success: the growth of text messaging lists, click performance and app success

Mobile marketing engagement best practices

  • Promotional engagement: establish a regular cadence with the customer to develop a brand relationship
  • Convert customers via SMS: encourage transactions directly from the mobile device
  • Cultivate a customer loyalty program to be smartphone-accessible
  • Examine mobile text message performance to establish the best time to send messages
  • Review the text message trends that increase click rates

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The current state of the mobile market and the top business challenges marketers face with their mobile strategies.

The guide also provides tactical approaches for developing a successful mobile marketing program that supports true, end-to-end intelligent engagement and it includes examples of intelligent mobile interactions based on best practices from Experian Marketing Services’ mobile experts.

This guide contains data from our quarterly email benchmark series. To download the latest email benchmark report, click here.

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