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Intelligence Manager

Measurement and reporting tools to track, analyze and predict marketing performance across channels.

24/7 access to up-to-date, actionable customer insights

With direct access to the rich customer data that resides within the platform, marketers now have the deep insights needed to holistically understand how marketing activities are performing across all campaigns and channels.

By directly applying the platform’s easy-to-use measurement, analysis and attribution tools to a constantly refreshed repository of customer information, marketers can rapidly generate insights into customer engagement, optimize campaigns and adjust channel investment.

Easy-to-use automated processes

Analysis and reporting tools in the platform are designed for an optimal user experience. With real-time data being linked and updated through automated processes - around the clock - marketing teams are constantly fed with fresh and accurate customer intelligence including everything from email opens and social interactions to web browsing behavior. Since data loading and merging processes run on the backend of the platform, the need for manual updates and IT involvement is virtually eliminated.

Dashboard flexibility

Customizable dashboard features allow marketers to quickly translate insights into comprehensive and visual intelligence. These can be shared with the organization via Excel reports, URL links and integration with in-house applications, such as big screens, ensuring the business has a consistent, up-to-date view of marketing’s true impact.

An extension of your team

For more complex or customized analyses, our Marketing Analytics team is available to assist. They are a dedicated team capable of performing lifetime value analysis, back-testing and sophisticated response attribution.

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