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Marketing to Moms

Congratulations for taking the next step in enhancing your marketing strategy!

According to the latest 2010 Census statistics, there are over 34 million families with children in the U.S. This equates to more than 30% of U.S. households containing moms with children under the age of 18. Understanding this market is key to effectively engaging moms and gaining mind share.

Marketing to moms   Target today's moms

With a spending power of $2.4 trillion annually in the United States alone, moms are a key audience for marketers. View our latest webcast Moms Rule, Marketers Drool: Insights for Capturing Moms’ Attention, to hear rich insights, understand how Moms think and how to harness their buying power in a multichannel, multi-segmented marketplace.


Target today's moms both on- and offline. Experian Marketing Services has just released new moms segments, now available on the Blue Kai Exchange. With over 15 audience segments focused solely on moms, you’ll find the right target audience to meet all of your cross-channel needs for marketing to moms all year long.

Unique qualities of moms with young kids   Understanding and engaging moms

This first installment in our new series of Marketing to Moms reports, From diapers to preschool: A window into the world of the mom with young kids, looks into the unique qualities of moms with young kids (from newborn to five years old), or MYKs.


Understanding and engaging today's moms provides a clear look at six different mom segments to help you understand how diverse this key audience can be. We invite you to download our white paper and see why targeting is essential to engage these distinct groups.

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