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Today consumers move seamlessly between their desktop, laptop, mobile phones, and other connected devices. Depending on which site a consumer visits, what they're doing, if they're on an app or a mobile browser, there are different identifiers used. Because there isn't a consistent way of identifying consumers, marketers often see these people as different people, or, in some cases, not at all.

Digital identification is the key to understanding the consumer journey, and the Identity Manager accomplishes this via device recognition and digital identification resolution.

Device recognition

Device recognition is accomplished through a comprehensive statistical device-level identifier. Our proprietary statistical ID expands audience visibility where cookies and other identifiers are ineffective. This is a privacy compliant way to identify the uniqueness of a device based on statistical analysis.

Digital identification resolution

The process of digital identification resolution enables a customer to recognize, connect and resolve identification data to understand consumers across their devices and environments. Customers use their own data in conjunction with device recognition capabilities to reconcile the information to correspond to a single device, or a group of devices utilized by an individual or household.

Benefits of device recognition and digital identification resolution include:

  • Synchronized anonymous ID – Our proprietary statistical ID gives customers the ability to recognize the same device anonymously across all digital touch points in the ecosystem.
  • Bridging capabilities - connect web events and app events coming from the same device.
  • Technology and platform agnostic - works with all types of devices regardless of type, browser, platform, or other environments, including emerging technologies.
  • Consumer privacy focused – being statistical not deterministic, provides anonymous identification that aligns with global privacy standards and is completely configurable to align with local privacy standards.
  • 360 degree view of consumer - connecting your data across the devices and within the various programs that a consumer is using, you’re able to better understand your customer.
  • Enhanced attribution and measurement - understand and track campaign performance from a more holistic perspective.
  • Improved targeting - better visibility facilitates increasing reach to target audiences across all digital touch points.


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