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AdTruth allows premium advertisers and publishers to maintain user anonymity while collecting the intelligence they need to drive performance and reach their target users – the best of both worlds. AdTruth is a foundational tool that works with your existing technology to recognize devices whether in mobile web or app while upholding consumer privacy and choice. Digital marketers can now recognize more returning devices than cookies while extending the visibility and transparency regardless of web or mobile platform.

AdTruth fills the gap where cookies do not perform, resulting in a more intelligent online experience for both the digital consumer and marketer. AdTruth enables advertisers to create more intelligent and personalized online experiences for digital consumers, resulting in stronger customer loyalty and increased ROI.

Benefits of the AdTruth technology include:

  • Performance Tracking - Providing advertisers with a campaign conversation tracking solution for better measurement in real-time.
  • Targeting & Retargeting - Enabling advertisers to better target their ads and deliver relevancy based on demographics, past behavior, and context for higher ROI.
  • Frequency Capping - Identifying the frequency at which an advertiser’s audience is exposed to its ads to make smart decisions on capping how many times a user views an ad.
  • Data Enrichment - Allowing data to flow across the ecosystem and help monetize more and inventory at higher rates.
  • Analytics – Linking more digital activity to recognized devices over a longer period of time improves analytics and media attribution research.
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