Customer Intelligence Platform

Improving customer experience and driving engagement

Customer Intelligence Platform

Experian’s proven infrastructure of people, process and technology for enhancing customer experience and delivering business impacting customer engagement. Built on a foundation of data, our hosted, end-to-end data management solution leverages a three hub approach to capture and integrate data from across channels (Integration) , understand how to maximize customer value (Intelligence) , and optimize customer interactions with context and relevance (Interaction) .

This solution and infrastructure was designed to address key challenges posed by our rapidly changing marketing landscape:

  • Enterprise Customer Intelligence
  • Digital and addressable media
  • Intelligent customer interactions
  • Marketing performance and ROI

Using a highly scalable engine, our Customer Intelligence Platform delivers a suite of capabilities that provide immediate benefit to marketers:

  • Cross-channel data quality (standardization, hygiene, enhancement)
  • Cross-channel linkage
  • Data access to drive customer insight and intelligence
  • Personalized, relevant, timely customer interactions
  • Response attribution and performance measurement

The three-hub approach, delivering one-stop shopping for clients seeking full cross-channel measurement and engagement:

A Foundation of Data

Experian understands how to develop a multidimensional view of a customer that span online, offline, social and mobile channels. Those views are composed from your data (transactional, customer, promotional), outside data (ratings and reviews, web behavior, etc.) and Experian’s unparalleled data assets.


Experian leverages over 30 years of data management expertise to accept and rationalize all of your customer information and achieve multi-channel customer identity resolution. Multi-sourced data acceptance, hygiene, aggregation, enhancement and cross-channel linkage combined to provide a comprehensive, cross-channel view of your customers.


Marketers’ ultimate focus remains the same – wooing and delighting customers. Experian helps our client achieve this by delivering the actionable insights that drive effective marketing efforts and help optimize customer interactions. Business intelligence and campaign planning/management capabilities include: reporting, behavioral analytics, strategic segmentation, predictive modeling, customer targeting, offer optimization, response attribution, measurement and analysis.


To close the loop and build true cross-channel relevancy, Experian offers the means and mechanisms to deliver the right message to the right person through the right channel at the right time. Contextually relevant customer interactions can be managed and optimized across traditional, digital, social and mobile channels. Importantly, this includes coordination and management of high volume batch, triggered and real-time efforts.

These three hubs work in tandem to provide marketers with a single platform for managing all of their marketing efforts, improving customer experience and driving engagement.

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