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Centralized management of real-time customer data

Effective data management is the key to customer insights

In today's hyper-connected world, your customers are always on, and their interactions are generating an endless stream of valuable data points. Harnessing the power of this real-time data requires more than simply gathering, analyzing and acting on the insights from customer data – it demands effective and centralized customer data management.

That's why robust and flexible data management is at the center of the Experian Marketing Suite. Its data management capabilities facilitate data capture, integration and consolidation from any source, so you can build a complete view of your customer without worrying about limitations or file formatting.

The Experian Marketing Suite was built to ingest and standardize customer information without restrictions on the size, composition or structure of the customer data you have. More importantly, a centralized and flexible customer database comes standard for all clients. The Marketing Suite offers you a powerful customer experience management platform you can use to create campaigns that drive revenue and increase customer retention.




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Customer data management features
  • Centralize your database: Consolidate and create customer databases constructed just for your organization that support an unlimited number of customer-defined tables.
  • Unlimited data types and sources: Leverage a flexible data model to enable the use of an unlimited amount of data in any format, from any source.
  • Data Maps: Easily import existing data, control the layout of data files that are being received, and determine the mapping rules that should be applied.

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Finish Line combined multiple real-time customer data sources to boost email performance. By centralizing its customer data, the brand was able to optimize segmentation and create new innovative designs, like live polling, to achieve a 42% increase in campaign revenue year-over-year.

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Efficient data management yields more effective campaigns

A large retailer was experiencing frequent issues with multiple backend deployment processes, making it increasingly difficult to execute high-volume campaigns. Using the Marketing Suite, the brand was able to overhaul its data management processes and optimize them for efficiency. These improvements enabled the client to import more user data, streamline the data management process and increase the overall effectiveness of its campaigns.

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