Orchestrate intelligent cross-channel campaigns

Plan, execute and manage data-driven customer experiences across channels in real time.

Deploying successful, personalized marketing experiences across channels requires the orchestration of programs that blend data management, customer segmentation and channel execution.

The Experian Marketing Suite's campaign management capabilities give you access to real-time customer data through Program Builder, an intuitive interface that allows you to build cross-channel programs based on data-driven business rules. Program Builder improves marketing orchestration by allowing activity in one channel to influence message delivery, content or context in other channels so customers are always getting relevant communications at the right time.

A crucial component of the Experian Marketing Suite's cross-channel functionality is the campaign asset creation and management toolset, where you can build or import dynamic campaign assets. Layer customer data stored in Experian Marketing Suite, from channel to demographic or behavioral information, to personalize content across channels for each customer.





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Campaign orchestration features
  • Program Builder. Use Program Builder to visually lay out all cross-channel touch points and account for planned and unplanned customer interactions.
  • Real-time decision making. Use rules and parameters to intuitively determine whether or not to trigger a customer interaction on a channel-by-channel basis. Personalize content and influence interactions in real-time using customer data from within Experian Marketing Suite.
  • Campaign asset creation and management. Build reusable campaign assets, including dynamic content and creative elements or import existing components to use in cross-channel campaigns.

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