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Deliver data-driven, personalized customer communications across channels with ease.

In today's connected world, brands need to build a relationship with customers through ongoing personalized interactions while delivering communications at the right time through the right channel.

Experian Marketing Suite's campaign execution capabilities make it possible to capture and share customer data across campaigns, allowing you to automate the delivery of personalized, contextually-relevant and valuable cross-channel communications to your audience, either through the Experian Marketing Suite or third-party delivery systems via API integration.



Campaign execution highlights
  • Personalization. Use a single, flexible platform to capture, share and re-use data to trigger personalized real-time execution of responses across channels, including email, mobile, social, digital print and web.
  • Easy deployment. Campaigns can be deployed directly from the Experian Marketing Suite or through third-party delivery systems.
  • Simplify email campaigns. Feature-rich email marketing technology lets you automate delivery of batch and event-based email campaigns for timely interactions.
  • Mobile engagement. Use SMS messaging, push notifications, in-app messaging, mobile-optimized web and email content to engage customers on the go.
  • Social interactions. Manage and monitor customer interactions across social accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Digital Print. Boost marketing execution by leveraging integrated customer data to generate fully rendered, print-ready, digital and print creative.
  • Web. It’s easy to create and host websites, micro-sites, PURLs, pages and forms and track customer interactions directly from the platform.

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Movember: Scalable field marketing for a global organization

The Australia-based not-for-profit organization Movember needed to scale their e-newsletter marketing efforts to reach global markets with localized and country-specific messages. By partnering with Experian Marketing Services, they were able to develop centrally-controlled templates to send 460 personalized e-newsletters in one year, a 300% increase from the year prior, reaching a 10% higher open rate than the industry average.

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American Eagle Outfitters: Powering cross-channel shopping experience through mobile

American Eagle Outfitters developed a program called Reserve, Try and Buy that allows customers to browse for a product on their app or website, and then reserve it to try on at their nearest store. When the item is set aside, a series of real-time email and SMS messages are triggered and deployed to confirm the order and announce the product’s availability at the local store. These real-time messages are also enhanced with dynamically relevant content, like store hours and location information.

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