Data-driven, personalized customer interactions delivered across channels in real-time


The Experian Marketing Suite is a unified, cloud-based customer data management and cross-channel marketing platform that powers the delivery of personalized communications. Our platform's scalable foundation drives the delivery of more than 350 billion marketing messages each year and 350 million real-time, event-based marketing messages each month.

Customer data management

Integrate customer data from any source in real time, providing you with the information you need to build a complete, unified customer view.

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Customer data segmentation

Leverage any customer data point within the platform to create custom audience segments for personalized marketing campaigns.

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Campaign orchestration

Get access to real-time customer data through an intuitive interface, and build dynamic assets for cross-channel campaigns based on data-driven business rules.

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Campaign execution

Capture and share customer data across campaigns to automatically trigger the delivery of consistently personalized, contextually relevant, value-added cross-channel communications.

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Reporting and insights

Measure campaign performance and customer activity data to create powerful, relevant, and actionable insights that drive results.

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