Breaking the Complexity Barrier:
Applying cross-channel content for message optimization

Cross-channel dynamic contentAlthough executing dynamic content in a single channel has been effective for quite some time, the customer landscape has now evolved.  The customer journey is no longer linear, and in fact has become much more complex.  With the proliferation of connected devices and the explosion of Big Data, marketers now have the opportunity and technology to evolve the power and effectiveness of dynamic content from executing in a single channel to powering true cross-channel optimized messaging that is centered on the customer.

This eBook focuses on how cross-channel dynamic content can help align your marketing messages around the customer, creating more effective and relevant messaging, regardless of channel – all in a much more efficient and automated manner.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The differences between traditional dynamic content architectures and the pitfalls of non-integrated, list-based technologies
  • Advantages of utilizing an integrated architecture for executing dynamic content
  • How dynamic content blocks can reduce execution complexity and automatically adjust content based on real-time data
  • The importance of building or selecting a marketing platform based on integrated data, decision optimization and cross-channel execution capabilities

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