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Coupons in email report: Engage your customers with redeemable offers and discounts

Coupons in email report

Sending coupons or redeemable offers has been a long-standing marketing tactic used to grab consumer attention and drive demand. As new consumer behavioral trends emerge, marketers have evolved with new digital technologies to engage them. As a result, the way today's brands are using coupons in their marketing campaigns has advanced.

In this report, Experian Marketing Services investigates how marketers are implementing coupons and codes in their email campaigns and the way consumers are engaging with them.

Key topics featured in this report are:

  • The different types of coupons and codes used in emails and how they can be redeemed both online and offline
  • Customer engagement metrics and transaction rates for the different types of coupons offered
  • Best practices and recommendations for executing emails with coupons, including mobile optimization tactics and testing offer values to optimize campaign revenue
  • Real-life examples of email campaigns with coupons from leading brands
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