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New Report: Millennials come of age

New Report: Millennials come of age

Customer Obsession

Consumer Insights Customer Obsession

Consumer Insights

Understand today’s consumers

Better data, better insights, better decisions

Capture the attention of today’s always on, always connected consumer through actionable insight built into every aspect of your marketing program. Experian Marketing Services helps performance-driven marketers, agencies and media companies to target and engage their best customers through expertly applied consumer intelligence. Measuring in-depth consumer behaviors and attitudes, we provide a more vivid and complete understanding of how consumers think and what they do in a multichannel, multicultural world.

Simmons National Consumer Studies Simmons® National Consumer Studies

Annual survey of 30,000 consumers, measuring 8,000 brands and 700 psychographic questions with 60,000 elements in all. Understand key demographic groups, including Kids & Teens, LGBT, critical Hispanic ethnic groups and all major media behaviors covering television, online, mobile, print, radio, social media and more.


Reports nearly 60,000 consumer data elements, including media behaviors, brand preferences and attitudes down to the ZIP Code level across the country.

Simmons Connect Simmons® Connect

Cross-platform consumer profiling and media planning tool that reports consumer behavior and attitudes across 11 media platforms .

Hitwise Hitwise®

Measures millions of consumers online behavior on a daily basis to deliver insight into consumer website usage and search behavior as well as online marketing performance.

Hitwise Mobile Hitwise® Mobile

Measures consumer mobile behavior from 3G/4G and Wi-Fi sources, covering Internet usage from mobile devices which include both smartphones and tablets.

Segmentation – Powered by AudienceView AudienceViewSM

Online consumer insights targeted by behaviors, attitudes, demographics or customer data to focus on the your most important consumer segments.

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