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Publishers Clearing House: Shifting to digital and mobile marketing.
Publishers Clearing House client story: Shifting to digital and mobile marketing. Presented by: Sal Tripi, AVP of Digital Operations and Compliance.

"My name is Sal Tripi, I am the AVP of Digital Operations and Compliance for Publishers Clearing House".
"Publishers Clearing House is the main sweepstakes provider in the United States, we have been around since probably before most of our members were born."
"Originally we were purely 100% direct mail and that business was what got the PCH brand known. Over the last fifteen years we migrated online and we created a very robust website, a very robust email program."
"Now as the world has shifted to mobile, and apps are very common place now, we are moving our brand, we are moving that into apps so people can engage with Publishers Clearing House brand on apps on the phone, on mobile web, on desktop."
"One of the reasons we moved to the Experian Marketing Suite is because Experian excels at making data, at handling data effectively. Utilizing the data that we have in the offline world and in the online world, to target segments, creating really relevant experience is what we have been after and continuing to evolve to"

Publishers Clearing House: Using data to focus on the consumer.
Publishers Clearing House client story: Using data to focus on the consumer. Presented by: Sal Tripi, AVP of Digital Operations and Compliance.

"My name is Sal Tripi, I am the AVP of Digital Operations and Compliance for Publishers Clearing House."
"Publishers Clearing House is changing the way we tell our story to our consumers by changing with the world that is changing around us."
"One of the reasons we moved to the Experian Marketing Suite is because Experian excels at making data, handling data effectively."
"What I like most about the Experian technology, is that it is really channel agnostic and allows us to consolidate and make actionable very large quantities of data in a variety of different channels"
"So it is really focus on the consumer, their past behavior, what we know about them and being able to bring that data and make it actionable; so that our marketers could execute campaigns, to be able to deploy that campaign across any channel that the consumer may be on, at the exact time the consumer want to receive that."

Virgin Money: Understanding your whole customer base
Virgin Money Case Study by Experian Marketing Services Presented by: Gareth Davies – Marketing Data and Analysis Manager.

"This project was all about understanding our whole customer base. We had two separate customer bases system that will come together. We wanted a single view across all of them in terms of understanding who they are and what they do with us."
"The solution that we created here was one specifically crafted for Virgin Money taking financial strategy segments at its core but then blending together with that a raft of transactional and behavioral information from Virgin Money and its interactions with its own Customers."
"With the new Virgin Money segmentation approach, we've been able to reduce our costs because we've been able to target much more effectively. Using the segmentation approach has helped us to improve our conversion rates because we are genuinely talking to the right customers about the right products."
"I think the way that we communicated is very visual and that came out the work that Experian did but we enhanced it by using your creative team to make it look a bit more Virgin. That visual communication I think is really powerful, very recognizable, and people really understand what it is that is telling."
"It has been great to see the way that the segmentation has been accepted and absorbed within the business; the level of up taken interest has been great and we've heard they're really positive feedback from everyone that used the solution. At Virgin Money we are always interested in trying to understand our customers better and trying to do the best thing for our customers, and that’s what we are all about."


Bare Necessities: How data drives ROI.
Bare Necessities Client Story: How data drives ROI. Presented by: Bill Elliot, VP Marketing & CRM for Bare Necessities.

"I am Bill Elliot, VP Marketing & CRM for Bare Necessities. Bare Necessities is a large online specialty retailer of women's lingerie swimwear, sleepwear, and now shoes. Working together with Experian Marketing Services we were able to put together pretty advanced data intensive programs that really hit the mark on getting me the ROI I need. What we are really excited about for the future is really digging into data and then be able to actually use that to create targeted marketing campaigns. How do we make decisions at the top of the funnel that's going to drive more people and ultimately end up in more sales."
"So some of the biggest, I think, important programs are replenishment, new arrivals, and recommended products. It’s a blend of using pretty advanced business rules as well as multiple data feeds, product feeds, and then really personalized email marketing. I think the big thing we are excited about his how we can really use our data to drive us to the next level."


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Sur La Table: Email is the connector for cross-channel marketing
Sur La Table client story: Email is the connector for cross-channel marketing. Presented by: Kevin Ertell, VP of Commerce, Sur La table.

"Oh it's funny I was just actually recently in one of our stores and talking to some of our system managers there, and they were talking about, here is really how you twist it all together; they were talking about how people came into the store with their email to talk about, you know, some items they saw on the email but they did not come with a piece of paper, they came with their phone, pointing to their email on the phone and you know that's a huge component of it."
"Here is a few things we know, first of all we know people are using a digital channel to research. The number of people that visit our website on a daily basis is a little bit more than the number of people that walk into all of our stores combined. And in serving those customers we know that seventy percent of them say that ultimately they plan to buy in the store. So they're using all these digital vehicles we have to learn about products, to find out about new products, but ultimately, in a lot of cases they intend to buy it in a store. So great! That's cross-channel. Anything we can do to help facilitate that process and get them to ultimately shop obviously with us versus the other guys is a great thing and clearly they're using those vehicles."

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