Email marketing with analytics study from U.S. Auto Parts

U.S. Auto parts increases revenue and email campaign performance

A well-established innovative online retailer, U.S. Auto Parts, leveraged online marketing data to create a customer-centric email marketing campaigns to boost their email performance, resulting in an increase of their email reach and customer engagement.


Providing superior quality automotive equipment and supplies nationwide, U.S. Auto Parts (USAP) is one of the most established and innovative retailers on the web. With the Internet as its main selling channel, USAP aims to deeply engage each and every visitor that browses its ecommerce site. To aid in this ongoing initiative and help USAP reach its revenue goals, Experian Marketing Services and Omniture partnered to combine their best-in-breed technologies and implement a high-performing ReMarketing program for USAP. Leveraging the Omniture SiteCatalyst Suite for web analytics and Experian Marketing Services email marketing technology, USAP sends relevant, automatically-triggered messages based on customers’ website activity. The combination of behavioral data and targeted messaging has brought significant lifts to the transaction rates, clickthroughs, and most importantly, revenue per email of USAP’s targeted ReMarketing email campaigns.

"The sophisticated online analytics tools embedded in the Experian Marketing Services application are extremely reliable and efficient, saving us time, money and resources while allowing us to focus on strategy and the growth of our business. The Omniture email integration with Experian Marketing Services has truly served as a critical advantage for our company."


  • Re-engage customers who have abandoned their shopping carts
  • Seamlessly integrate online analytics and reporting functionality into existing email campaigns
  • Combine email measurement and reporting with other digital marketing metrics to gain a complete view of marketing data
  • Expand campaign reach and decrease bounces


USAP’s ReMarketing program represents a three-fold integration between Experian Marketing Services and Omniture. First, Experian Marketing Services automatically generates and appends Omniture tracking parameters to all of USAP’s promotional email campaigns via the email application. These parameters seamlessly attach a unique subscriber ID to all outbound links, providing precise insight into the web behaviors and purchasing habits of USAP’s online customers once they click on an email.

Us Auto Parts Remarketing

After customer website activity is tracked, the resulting analytics data, powered by Omniture, triggers ReMarketing messages that remind customers about products lingering in their online shopping carts. Because of Omniture’s seamless technological integration with the email application, the entire process is automated and requires no work from USAP or their Experian Marketing Services account team. The reminder emails strategically link directly back to the abandoned cart and provide added incentive for customers to complete their purchase, in the form of a discount.

In addition to measuring USAP’s abandoned cart program, Omniture integrates the retailer’s Experian Marketing Services provided email campaign performance data with information from USAP’s other online marketing initiatives. With this integration, USAP is able to view the performance of targeted email marketing campaigns alongside all other online marketing initiatives, such as paid search and display advertising.

To improve both inbox deliverability and email engagement metrics, followed the recommendations of Experian Marketing Services Deliverability team:


By combining the power of Omniture and Experian Marketing Services, USAP has been able to successfully engage their customers and boost campaign performance — specifically, revenue resulting from targeted email-induced transactions. As an added bonus, USAP experienced a significant decrease in ReMarketing email bounce rates and an increase in email reach directly attributable to moving from USAP’s internally-generated abandoned cart file to the Omniture and Experian Marketing Services solution.

USAP’s ReMarketing messages and targeted email campaigns, on average, outperformed standard promotional messages by the following factors (see chart, below).

2x higher
60% lower
Transaction rates
50x higher
Clickthrough rates
18x higher
Revenues per email
50x higher


Looking ahead

In the future, USAP plans on working with their Experian Marketing Services account team to intensify the impact of their email campaigns through deeper testing and reporting. Variables of interest include subject line, time of day, frequency, creative design and copy testing. USAP also aims to leverage additional customer data, such as unique open rates, clicks, browse behavior and demographic information to drive deeper relevancy and personalization.

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