Breakeven Deliverability Analysis

Experian’s Breakeven Deliverability Analysis will improve your direct-mail effectiveness by giving you the rules needed to drop names that are predicted to perform below breakeven. This analysis service leverages Experian’s more than 30 years of data quality and direct-mail marketing expertise along with Experian’s world class data.  We evaluate marginally deliverable names in your mailings and identify opportunities to cut unprofitable names, reducing wasted printing and mailing costs.

Breakeven Deliverability Analysis typically identifies between 1% and 2% of names mailed that can be dropped because they will perform below breakeven and are unprofitable.  Let those savings fall directly to your bottom line.  Or, deploy those saved funds to more effective marketing programs.

Do more with less!

Mailers face a multitude of pressures:

    Mailers face a multitude of pressures:
  • Depressed consumer demand
  • Relentless pressure on budgets
  • Increased print, production and postage costs
  • Conflicting goals set by management 

Mailers also must constantly ask themselves what they can optimize further to gain greater efficiency and achieve better results.

Experian experts can make the right diagnosis for your business. Our approach leverages our industry leading address hygiene and deliverability expertise and a data-driven approach to uncover opportunities to achieve better results. Our senior direct-mail experts will conduct a full evaluation of a mailing or mailings to uncover pockets of records mailed that perform below breakeven due to deliverability issues. 

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