Email remarketing best practices guide

Email remarketing best practices guide from Experian Marketing Services

What is email remarketing?

Email remarketing is the practice of sending targeted email to website visitors based on their unique site behavior. Remarketing involves the use of behavioral data to target relevant and timely email communications. 

Remarketing email campaigns have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, Experian Marketing Services research show they increase purchases at a rate that is 19 times higher than promotional mailings.

Remarketing campaigns should be a part of every email marketer's program, and in order to help marketers effectively utilize them, Experian Marketing Services has developed this overview of best practices as a helpful guide to reference.

Email remarketing best practices

  • Send at least two emails closer to the time of cart email abandonment
  • Email users when they click through an email to a Website, browse and leave the site
  • Add incentives such as discounts when sending thank you emails
  • Email customers when the item in their wish list is on sale
  • Send reminders for products that may need replenished
  • Promote a complementary item of a product already purchased

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Best tactics to optimize your various remarketing campaigns based on key stats and performance metrics from Experian Marketing Services' primary research and analysis.

Real-life examples of the various types of remarketing campaigns from Experian Marketing clients and other leading brands, showcasing the best design elements and execution tactics you can use to ramp up your programs.

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