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Understand the true ROI of your marketing programs

With consumers interacting with their favorite brands almost daily, and across multiple channels, traditional methods of analyzing marketing response and performance, such as first or last click, can provide a very narrow view of how a marketing activity led to a customer end action.  Furthermore, this type of traditional attribution analysis can potentially lead an organization to make the wrong decisions about future marketing activities and investment, as well as business KPIs such as customer growth.  By obtaining a holistic view of how marketing activities are performing across campaigns and channels, organizations can gain the insights needed to achieve key business objectives and deliver maximum return on their marketing investments.

Intelligently inform future marketing spend and strategy

As a key component of the Interactions Manager, part of the Experian Marketing Suite, our marketing attribution solution is designed to help marketers understand the direct impact of individual campaigns and channels on customer end actions. Fueled by real-time customer response data, our attribution tools and technology enable marketers to easily analyze a group of campaigns within and across multiple channels, identify key touch points that influence customer conversions and purchases, and immediately apply that insight to future strategy and marketing spend allocation.

Rapid, flexible marketing attribution – designed for marketers

Our robust solution provides marketers with easy-to-use, analytical tools to help marketers quickly set up and run marketing attribution analyses across campaigns managed and executed from within the platform, as well as those executed from third party platforms.  With the ongoing and immediately accessible flow of campaign response data into the platform, analyses can quickly and easily be performed on the most up-to-date information to generate results within just hours!  Results are visualized in out-of-the box reports and dashboards which can be extracted and distributed quickly and more broadly within the organization.  More importantly, changes to campaigns and programs in the Interactions Manager can be actioned rapidly off the back of these results – ensuring that maximum value is always being driven from marketing spend.

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