Opt-Out of OmniActivation Strategic Services

Experian Marketing Services is a trusted steward of the data it collects, maintains and utilizes. Through industry leading technologies, processes and personnel, we strive to ensure the secure, appropriate and responsible use of all data entrusted to us.

Our global information values (balance, accuracy, security, integrity, communication) guide and inform our policies and reinforce the belief that how we use data must benefit both businesses and individuals, while simultaneously meeting consumers' privacy expectations.


Consumers can opt out of OmniActivation Strategic Services by clicking the opt-out link below. If you choose to opt out of OmniActivation Strategic Services, OmniActivation Strategic Services will set an opt-out flag based on your profile, which is designed to prevent OmniActivation Strategic Services from collecting data or using data for online display advertising. OmniActivation Strategic Services’ opt-out flag is effective for the specific browser associated with the computer requesting the opt out reference. Please note, however, that if you or another user deletes the OmniActivation Strategic Services cookie, you will have to reset your opt out flag again. If you do not, we will not know that you have opted out, and we will set a new OmniActivation Strategic Services cookie which will be matched with non-personal information we have previously collected about you.

Click here to opt out of online targeting by OmniActivation Strategic Services (powered via a third-party vendor).

Opt Out of OmniActivation Strategic Services Cookies

After you click the opt-out link, you should see a green check mark. The green check mark indicates that you have successfully opted out from this network. If you see a red X, then please click here for details.

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