Audience IQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’ve heard that Audience IQ is an Experian Marketing Services product. I also know that Experian Marketing Services is a “data” company. What kind of data is maintained?
    Experian Marketing Services maintains marketing data that includes demographic information such as age, gender and income bracket as well as inferred market segments that indicate lifestyle interests. No individualized data from Experian’s regulated credit reporting database is ever used in any Audience IQ marketing activities.
  2. Where does Experian Marketing Services’ consumer marketing data come from?
    Consumer data is collected from a variety of public record sources, self-reported information, information from the United States Census, the phone book and from commercial entities that provide consumers the right to opt-out before sharing information with Experian Marketing Services and other third parties.
  3. What policies does Experian Marketing Services follow to ensure the integrity and safety of consumer data?
    For decades, Experian Marketing Services has considered itself a steward of the information it collects, maintains and utilizes. We make every effort to ensure that consumer information is secure, and the privacy of individual consumers is maintained through responsible use. We comply with all applicable laws and use a variety of processes and procedures to safeguard data. Experian Marketing Services’ use of information is also guided by the company’s Global Information Values.

    Our Global Information Values of balance, accuracy, security, integrity, and communication meet diverse cultural expectations and legal requirements. It strives to balance the consumers’ interest with clients’ business needs to ensure that both benefit from information use. Experian Marketing Services also uses reasonable administrative, technical and physical measures to protect the information it maintains from unauthorized access or alteration.
  4. Does Audience IQ follow me from website to website online?
    No. Audience IQ does not track website browsing history across unaffiliated third-party websites to deliver targeted advertisements. Instead, Audience IQ uses traditionally acceptable demographic or lifestyle segments about groups of consumers to help advertisers deliver targeted advertisements that are relevant to individuals.
  5. Do you use cookies to link consumer information online?
    Yes, like most online advertising services, we use cookies and web beacons (also called pixel tags) for advertising purposes. In our case, the cookies and web beacons are used to link online consumer interest categories, or segments traditionally used for offline direct marketing. In doing so, we also offer users the ability to opt-out of our use of cookies by clicking here. In addition, industry efforts such as the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) provide consumers with education and centralized opt-out mechanisms to make a consumer’s website experience more meaningful. This is because the content and ads can be tailored to the consumer’s segment while still giving the consumer adequate choices to opt-out of numerous types of cookie uses. While Audience IQ cookies are not used to track your online behavioral activities across unaffiliated third-party websites for advertising purposes, we are active supporters of the industry’s online behavioral advertising guidelines and self-regulatory efforts.
  6. What’s the value of Experian Marketing Services data to businesses and consumers?
    Just like with television, radio, newspapers and magazines, the revenue that Website publishers receive from advertisers subsidizes the costs of delivering quality content to consumers. Marketing data plays a role in this by helping advertisers reach the right group of consumers with offers for the products and services that are highly relevant to them. Consumers more readily respond to advertisements that feature competitive and relevant offers. Consumers also benefit from receiving free Internet content (like email, weather reports, search engines, stock quotes and news). Website publishers can re-invest revenue they earn from selling advertising space into improving content because advertisers obtain a greater return on their advertising investment by delivering relevant advertisements using marketing data.
  7. How does Experian Marketing Services ensure the anonymity of the data it uses for online advertising?
    Experian Marketing Services uses a variety of security and technology-based techniques to de-identify and aggregate data to help ensure anonymity. For example, we do not store any personal information on a cookie or associate any personal information with the cookie on our web servers. All of our de-personalization efforts include an aggregation step prior to our data being used so that ads cannot be associated with a unique individual. We also provide an industry-standard secure means of storage and transport of data, even with non-personal information.
  8. How do I opt-out of Audience IQ?
    Consumers can opt out of Audience IQ by visiting our website and clicking the ‘opt-out’ link. If you choose to opt out of Audience IQ services, Audience IQ will set an opt-out flag based on your profile, which is designed to prevent Audience IQ from collecting data or using data for online display advertising. Audience IQ’s opt-out flag is effective for the specific browser associated with the computer requesting the opt out reference. Please note, however, that if you or another user deletes the Audience IQ cookie, you will have to reset your opt out flag again. If you do not, we will not know that you have opted out, and we will set a new Audience IQ cookie which will be matched with non-personal information we have previously collected about you.
  9. If I opt-out of Audience IQ, will I still see online display ads?
    Yes, you will continue to see display ads, but they will no longer be served using Audience IQ attributes relating to your consumer segment. The benefits of receiving a display ad using Audience IQ attributes are increased relevance. This means that instead of seeing an ad that you may not be interested in, you are more likely to see ads that offer a product that is of interest to you. Once you opt out of Audience IQ, the ads you see may be less relevant to your consumer segment.
  10. How does Audience IQ work with other companies within the Experian family of companies?
    The Experian family of companies maintains numerous consumer and business-facing websites, each of which tracks visitors within, and sometimes across, our network of affiliated sites. These activities are performed within industry guidelines and regulatory standards. Audience IQ works with many of these websites to enhance the relevancy of their website content or with third party online advertising efforts, and any use of their data by Audience IQ is referenced in each of these website privacy policies or ad targeting policies as applicable.

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