Persona-driven search strategy drives better results:
A case study with iAcquire

Discover how iAcquire, an enterprise digital marketing company, leverages Experian Marketing Services consumer insight along with search behavior to build persona-driven SEO, content marketing, digital public relations and social marketing strategies for their clients.

During this webcast Mike King, Director of Inbound Marketing, iAcquire and Lauren Rice, Analyst, Strategic Services, Experian Marketing Services will discuss a case study highlighting how iAcquire, using Experian Marketing Services’ consumer insight data, helped an online gaming site to inform content strategy ultimately increasing conversions rates by a peak of 49.38%, drove more qualified traffic and fueled intelligent link building efforts. Specifically, they will discuss:

  • Identifying targeted personas - Who are these customers? What is their digital behavior?
  • Understanding the top need-states that define consumer receptivity to the gaming site's products
  • Discovering the dynamic relationship between audience segments and their search behavior
  • Using consumer insights to identify link building prospects at scale

Through this analysis iAcquire will discuss how they determined the best ways to engage the key personas to build a successful campaign strategy for the online gaming site to offer a better experience for their customers and increase traffic to the site.

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