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The Power of Experian Data

Information. It's the universal currency of today's dynamic business environment; the essential bridge between marketers and consumers, and the power behind turning prospects into profitable, long-term customers. So when it comes to choosing a data resource, you can't afford anything but the best.

Data SelectSM provides marketers with access to the most diverse and accurate list selections in the industry. Data Select has traditional demographic selections as well as new mover, ethnicity, occupation, mortgage and property information. You even have access to BehaviorBank® self-reported and modeled lifestyle and behavioral data.


ConsumerViewSM database — Experian's consumer database includes approximately 299 million consumers in 116 million living units nationwide. Our complete coverage allows you to demographically segment your list to reach the best prospects for your business. 

BehaviorBank® Database

BehaviorBank® Database — Need more than simple demographic information to target the best prospects for a unique product or service? BehaviorBank provides special insight into consumers' lifestyles and interests to help you find new customers based on their hobbies, brand preferences, product usage and other key behaviors.

New Movers DatabaseSM

New Movers DatabaseSM — With nearly one in five Americans changing residences each year, New Movers Database puts you in contact with prospects who are eager to establish relationships with a wide range of businesses in their new neighborhoods.

New Homeowners DatabaseSM

New Homeowners DatabaseSM — Tap into a lucrative audience of more than 3.5 million Americans who are typically above-average in purchasing power. Our database includes mortgage and equity amounts, type and age of loan, type of residence and all the other details that drive a successful campaign. More than 290,000 new records are added each month with historical information available on more than 20 million records.

U.S. Business Database

U.S. Business Database — Connect with more than 14 million U.S. businesses. Experian's U.S. Business Database contains more than 50 fields of information. Virtually every business, no mater how small, large or newly established is included in the database.


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