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What we value

We understand the great responsibility we have to our clients. They trust our advice implicitly so it is our committment to ensure that it is rightly informed.

These values are woven throughout our past and will continue to define our efforts long into the future.


Our Values

  • Responsibility  »

  • By gathering information on past and present credit commitments - such as loans, leases and credit cards - we help lenders to understand whether people and businesses can manage their debt repayments, so they can borrow and lend responsibly.

  • Fairness  »

  • Because we help organisations make decisions based on facts, they can treat people and businesses fairly, which in turn helps more people to access credit.

  • Ease  »

  • Easily available and understandable information allows people and businesses to prove their financial track record to organisations, so they can get the best deals.

  • Efficiency  »

  • By gathering and analysing information supplied by people and businesses, organisations can make quicker decisions, now taking seconds and minutes instead of days.

    Organisations need to make fewer manual checks which means less administration and fewer bad debts. This means the cost of extending credit is lower.

  • Protection  »

  • Our identity information helps people prove that they are who they say they are, so people and businesses can transact with confidence and protect themselves against fraud and identity theft.

  • Appropriateness  »

  • We help organisations to make sure that their communications and offers are relevant and appropriate to the people they contact. We help them connect with people in the way they prefer, such as online, by phone or post, giving customers a greater choice and a better experience.

  • Benefit  »

  • Understanding people's different needs helps the public sector to develop policies and prioritise where it spends its money, which benefits society as a whole.

  • Confidence  »

  • We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and in our determination to see things through. We question everything, from the smallest service detail to an entire business model and we’re always willing to look at things differently.

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