Experian ConnectSM API

A consumer-empowered, credit sharing platform that expands your business into previously unaddressable markets

Powering Innovation and Growth

The Experian Connect API provides easy access to embed credit functionality on your websites, applications and mobile apps. Consumer-empowered sharing allows you to create products and services to previously unreachable markets:

  • Allow property owners, real estate agents and other small business professionals the ability to view a credit report
  • Improve the quality of tenant data
  • Add a credit score to online applications
  • Allow your customers to view credit reports in a CRM system, website, or any other software
  • Enhance tenant applications with instant credit data
  • Let tenants easily apply to more than one property by sharing their credit report with different property owners

The Experian Connect Rest-API gives you easy access to embed credit functionality on your site using lightweight, modern APIs.

You will have access to:


Credit Scores
Share credit scores with other individuals to quickly see consumer's creditworthiness
Experian Connect API Credit Report
Credit Reports
View and share credit reports. Report includes public records, credit inquiries and payment history on credit accounts


Flexible for Your Business Model

Simple, nimble, non-intrusive interfaces make it flexible for your business model.


In today’s rapidly evolving and technology-driven marketplace, businesses must set themselves apart from their competition.

  • Experian is the leading provider of consumer credit reports, scores and analytics
  • We maintain credit information on approximately 220 million U.S. consumers
  • We maintain demographic information on approximately 235 million consumers in 117 million living units across the U.S.
  • Experian's North America consumer and business credit databases contain more than 1.5 petabytes (1.5 quadrillion bytes) of data
  • Our team has the experience, expertise and dedication to provide our partners with the highest quality of credit management products and services

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