Experian CheetahMail Digital Tracking & Anti-Spam Policy

Updated: May 2012

This policy serves as a guide to Experian CheetahMail’s digital tracking efforts (including cookies) with recipients of our corporate or client email messages as well as with visitors to our corporate or client-designated web pages. This policy also addresses our firm commitment to not providing software or services used for sending unsolicited commercial email (aka; spam).

Anti-Spam Policy
: Experian CheetahMail is a full member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) and endeavors to uphold the principles and practices they have adopted. Clients of Experian CheetahMail have agreed to never send unsolicited commercial email through our systems. Any client who violates this agreement is subject to privacy review, services termination and potential legal action.

  • If you believe you have received an unsolicited commercial email from CheetahMail on behalf of any of our clients, please send an email (preferably with the reported email violation included or attached with the ‘full sender header’) to:
  • If you have a question about whether an email you received was a legitimate e-mail from CheetahMail or one of our clients, please click here for more information (link to receiving an email document)

Privacy-Related Technology We Provide For Clients

Cookies: A cookie is a tiny text file that is placed on a user’s hard drive and referenced by the web browser in conjunction with specific web-enabled email or visited web pages. This text file responds to a web server with information about the use of the visited email or web pages. CheetahMail may use cookies for web pages we develop and host on behalf of clients or where authorized by a client on their own websites. The cookies we attempt to set do not contain any personally identifiable information such as name or e-mail address in the cookie itself.

Cookies enable website owners to provide website and email personalization services for email subscribers, customers, or registered website visitors. CheetahMail may use cookies for clients who connect email and website visitor activity with previously provided information in order to offer website personalization, web form pre-population and enhance email relevancy.

CheetahMail cookies may also be combined with the use of pixel tags (aka; web beacons) in order to better report on email and web activities, including activities on client websites. An example of this occurs when clients track email users visits to a website and any subsequent online sales that could be correlated with the email user.

Controlling Our Use Of Cookies:

  1. All Internet browsers can be set to notify you before you receive a cookie and give you control over whether or not you choose to accept any particular cookies. You have the option of setting your browser to turn off cookies or restrict cookie delivery to particular websites.
  2. Emails sent by Experian CheetahMail as well as our hosted web pages can be viewed irrespective of our use of cookies. If you do not enable images or click on any links within Cheetahmail client emails, then you can avoid any related cookies.
  3. Please visit for more information about how to delete and control cookies.

CheetahMail is not responsible for cookies placed on client websites by clients or other third parties.

Pixel tags (aka; web beacons)
: A pixel tag is an invisible image with a line of code, also called a clear gif, which is placed within an email message or on a web page. The reasons for use of a pixel tag include:

  • To sense whether a recipient can receive html email or only receive text email.
  • Whether the email recipient has opened the message, and whether that email message was opened successive times.
  • To help activate a cookie and integrate web activity with email activity.

Pixel tags do not create, modify or delete files on a user’s machine. They are not executable and cannot be used to deliver dan erous content, such as a virus.

Pixel Tags help our clients identify particular email recipients, who can then be sent more relevant email in the future.

Message ‘click-through’ monitoring
: Nearly every email sent through Experian CheetahMail’s systems includes a hyperlink to another website. Our clients have the ability to track whether that hyperlink has been clicked on and whether that link was clicked on successive times. Clients can then determine the success of their email campaigns, and tailor future messaging to recipients based on the relevancy of that ‘click-through’ activity. When links are clicked on, additional pixel tags attempt to activate cookies to help measure the effectiveness of the email campaign.

Web visitor tracking
: Experian CheetahMail tracks visitors to our website, as well as provides clients with services enabling additional website activity reporting. In addition to previously described cookie and pixel tag uses, website visitor tracking also involves the collection of web server log file data, including Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, web pages visited, unique visitations, type of browser used, and other session-based activity. Web server log file information, by itself, is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

CheetahMail is not responsible for website activity monitoring on client websites by clients or other third parties.

Message forwarding
: CheetahMail may also collect anonymous tracking information with email messages ‘forwarded’ from a recipient within their own email software or webmail service to another user. Examples of information collected may include the number of times the message was forwarded, the number of times the forwarded message was opened, and the click-through activity within those forwarded messages. No personally identifiable information is collected with email messages forwarded by a recipient through this process.

Hosted Web Page Privacy & Security Notice
: CheetahMail provides web page hosting for clients and enables services such as email subscription, preference management, refer-a-friend, sweepstakes, and coupons or offer fulfillment information. Our privacy and security policy with respect to these web pages are:

  • Personal information collection and use:As a data processor, personal information that CheetahMail collects on behalf of a client is the exclusive property of the client who is branded on the web page. Web pages we host on the client’s behalf will include links to their website which will include information on their privacy and data security policies.A special note about refer-a-friend services: CheetahMail offers clients the ability for recipients to use a web form we host on their behalf to forward an email message to another recipient. Referrals of this nature are sent similarly to any other message a client would send through our system with all of the applicable tracking technology referenced above.
    CheetahMail collects referral email addresses only to process the message transaction. Neither CheetahMail nor clients use the referral email address for any purpose other than to execute the requested email transmission on behalf of the forwarder. In special circumstances, we may host this transmission request for a specified period of time in order to monitor delivery or deliver subsequently requested email referrals.

    If you believe that an email sent through a CheetahMail refer-a-friend web page was sent to you incorrectly, please email with the message-in-question and its’ full transmission header.

  • Non-personal information collection and use:Web pages we host may include use of all of the non-personal information technologies described above
  • Hosted web page security policy:Data we collect on behalf of our clients is held in a secure environment, with restricted user access, and managed by a team of experienced system administrators. While many of the pages we host on our clients behalf are encrypted with SSL and certified by a third party security provider, a number of the pages we host may not be encrypted or third party certified. As a result, CheetahMail may not be liable for unforeseen security incidents beyond our control while managing these web pages on our clients’ behalf.Once CheetahMail collects information through a hosted web page on our clients’ behalf, the client will have immediate access to this information for their own purposes. While CheetahMail maintains data security processes for information we host through our services, we are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of information hosted by our clients. If you have questions or concerns about our clients’ privacy or security practices, please communicate directly with the client.

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