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Experian Helping LifeSmarts Educate the Next Generation of Consumers

Posted on Apr 29 2016 by
Headlines bemoan the lack of personal finance being taught in our schools. Most students will graduate with little to no...


Setting Your Business Up for Success: 7 Tips for Keeping

Posted on Nov 10 2015 by
Small Business Saturday is just around the corner, and as it approaches there are a growing number of advertising campaigns encouraging consumers to forego the big box retailers in favor of shopping local. As a supporter of my own neighborhood...


Why FinCon Matters to Me and to Experian

Posted on Oct 14 2015 by
I am part of a community that completely energizes me, makes me believe that there are good people in the world and that makes me want to be better. Over the course of four days in September, my co-workers and...


Generation X Fails to School Millennials

Posted on Jul 30 2015 by
If we looked at current generations in a family structure, Baby Boomers are mom and dad, the Greatest Generation are grandma and grandpa, Generation X are the older siblings and Millennials are those overindulged younger siblings that always got later...


5 Credit “Don’ts” For Millennials

Posted on Jul 29 2015 by
Millennials, also known as Generation Y (ages 19-34) are now the largest segment of the U.S. population, and according to a recent Experian analysis, also take the title for being the least credit savvy when compared to previous generations. The...


Summer Study Finds Travelers Overspending, Left Open to Identity Theft

Posted on Jun 17 2015 by
A recent study conducted by Experian showed that a majority of vacationers overspend their budgets and rely on credit cards to provide extra funds. At the extreme end, more than half of millennial vacationers (52 percent) lean heavily on their...


Linking Data Becomes the Biggest Challenge for Global Marketers

Posted on Jun 01 2015 by
Confronted with a vast amount of incoming data, today’s digital marketers are facing an on-going battle to keep up. According to Experian Marketing Services’ 2015 Digital Marketer Report, the biggest hurdles and key priorities for marketers this year are dependent...


Listen to the Data: What You Need to Know About

Posted on May 27 2015 by
The last decade was a tumultuous financial period for Americans. In the mid-to-late 2000s, economic activity declined rapidly and marked the largest downturn since the Great Depression. It is estimated that Americans lost nearly $16 trillion of net worth during...


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